Wednesday, March 9, 2011

AJ and I (Presidents of the Sunset Club) at the City of David

Hezekiah's Tunnel.  It runs underneath the City of David.  Two groups started digging at opposite ends of the city, this pic is where they met up.  "The difficult feat of making two teams digging from opposite ends meet far underground is now understood to have been accomplished by directing the two teams from above using sounds generated by hammering on the solid rock through which the tunnelers were digging.[7]" (Thanks Wikipedia) The tunnel is 583 yards long!


I may have been cut from the many teams I tried out for, never made it in the sports section of the newspaper, and struck out a time or two in slow pitch softball, but this deserves at least a "tip of the hat".  I chucked up a small tomato

The aftermath of catching the tomato.

Hurva Synagogue

The JC is in the top left corner with all of the arches

Taylor and I looking glam in the Old City

Jenny Christensen, aka @Jennyplease (her twitter name, follow her...)

This is Yemen Moshe, aka the most romantic place in Jerusalem. So glam.

Yemen Moshe


Another club Taylor and I started is called "Jeru J Crew", we share the presidency.  Jeru J crew is an adventure club with a purpose similar to that of the late Marco Polo--explore!

While at Yemen Moshe this Jewish groom was getting his wedding pics taken. P-I-M-P.

This is how the newlywed Jewish couple's get away car was decorated.  I feel like this is a much classier way to go about decorating your friends and families cars.  Maybe that's just me...

The title of this pic is "Pals".  
Mount Hetzel (aka Mount Hertzel if you are not paying attention to professor Ophir Yardin. My bad...)

Western Wall at night


  1. Cam! I'm so glad I got to see your pictures! Looks like your having a great time! And it also looks like you are quite the ladies man (is anything unusual about that... I think not!)

  2. Oh my. I just finished reading your entire blog from the beginning (instead of studying) and I love it! Keep posting, and i'll keep following. Reading this makes me miss how hilarious you are! When you get back I've decided that i'm going to spend pretty much every day with you, okay? Perfect.

  3. Cam! I am mildly jealous of your life right now- but I am really enjoying you blog! Keep it up!