Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Half way...

This is the 1st official gathering of the "Sunset Club"
Cameron Ricks: President (self-appointed--just like I am in all the other clubs I have started.)
Co-Pres: AJ Wright 

Group pic of the the "Sunset Club" at our outdoor meeting spot (7th floor of the Jerusalem Center overlooking the Old City)

Spring has sprung!  These wildflowers grow like dandelions everywhere!

A Tel Aviv "stay-cation" inspired by little sister Lauren Ricks.  (Finals were upon us.  The question: Study?  Taylor, Jenny, and I called our experienced JC alum (Lauren) and helped us see the reality of our situation.  In this David vs. Goliatih dilemma the beach became David...)

Enjoying my decision as I overlook the Mediterranean Sea.

The question I keep asking myself is "How/when am I going to bring my future wife here?"  This is the most romantic place on Earth.

Field trip to Bethlehem. 

Church of the Nativity.  Oldest functioning Christian church in the world

A sunset vista of Bethlehem

Jeni Gubler and I at Shepherd's Field

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