Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This is me surging you...world

I met a man from Dublin, Ohio (my mission) while I was in Nazareth. (fanny pack = best friend)
Our boat ride across Galilee

Brother Chadwick surging nature

Galilee's version of the Sunset Club

Looking over the Sea of Galilee to Tiberias

When we got on the boat to cross Galilee the captain started playing the Star Spangled Banner.  I was on the top deck next to the pole with the American flag.  The flag wasn't raised when the song came on. So I did what any good American Eagle scout boy would do; I grabbed the rope tightly with both hands and left over right quickly raised Old Glory. I've never felt more patriotic in my life.  

Synagogue at Capernaum

Church on the Mount of the Beattitudes

Bro Kent Jackson on the "Moses Seat"

Gamla aka the city Christ referred to as "the City set upon a hill that cannot be hid."  In the background you can see the north shore of the Galilee where Capernaum and the Mt. of Beattitudes are.
The synagogue at Gamla
Uh, cool genie pose at Chorazine?

Jenny Christensen buried as the Sphinx when we went to Tel Aviv.

Taylor Henderson getting some "alone time" with Jenny the Sphynx.
Everywhere we go there are people taking wedding/bridal pictures.  I just wanted everone else to get a taste of the wedding scene here in the Holy Land.

Tel Aviv looking over the Medeterranean Sea
The Tel Aviv Crew + the guy on the left who is a fellow member of the Jerusalem Branch.

A glimpse of the separation wall that borders the West Bank. Separating Palestine and Israel

This section of the wall was in Bethlehem, where they celebrate Christmas all year round.

Shepherd's field.  A likely spot where the shepherds were when the angel came to them and announced the birth of Jesus.
This place was sick!  It is part of the tunnel system underneath the temple mount (aka the temple square of Jerusalem).  Each of the small stones weigh about 2 tons.  The huge one with the rectangular holes in it is the biggest in all of ancient engineering. The SOLID stone is 44 feet long, 11 feet wide, and 14 feet tall.  Its estimated weight is 570 tons!  aka a Boeing 747 jet... 

Close up pic of the huge ashlar (Herodian stone) (rock) (rad)

Western Wall

I snapped a pic of this Jewish broski as we were walking to Damascus Gate (one of the entrances to the Old City.)  What you can't see is that the tray is 5 feet long!

Armenian brothers leaving their post for lunch

Spiral staircase in the bell tower of the YMCA building.  I like spiral staircases, thats all.

Taylor in the Old City.  Lots of emotion.
Pre-waterfall hike pic of me.  Love the argyles.
Our guide on the waterfall hike.  He was giving us a riddle.  I didn't get it...
Jenny C and I atop the waterfall on the waterfall hike.

The waterfall. Mega cool.

This is inside of the chapel in Galilee for all the different hymn books.  English, Spanish, Russian, and Hebrew.  Uh, a stone cut without hands that will fill the whole earth?
Jenny C and Taylor at the Jordan River (south side of the Sea of Galilee).  Traditional site where the Savior was baptized.

Outside of the Galilee chapel looking out to the north side of the lake to Capernaum and the Mount of Beattitudes.  Elder Holland, when he came and dedicated the building shared that the Savior would have been a member of this branch and would have attended at this building.
Cool flowers
Me in front of the cool flowers

At the baptismal site on the Jordan River they had Mark 1:9-11 in tons of different languages.  Dis won be in ebonics. That's funny because I wrote that previous sentence in ebonics...

We ran into an LDS tour group on the Jordan.  This couple, Bro and Sis Bye knew my parents. Small world.
This is where class was held while we were staying at the Ein Gev kibbutz on the shores of Galilee.
Our kibbutz bungalos

A wise man once said that you can never take a picture of a fire twice. The old addage proved true at our bon fire next to the lake. (Lights of Tiberias in the background--I was obsessed.)

Banias waterfall at Caesarea Philippi
Nimrod Castle
Sweet bros.  Taylor and I matched this day.

Out of order pic of the synagogue at Capernaum

Madonna of the Galilee

We were have a sword fight against Bro Muhlstein (NT teacher) for extra credit in this crusader castle at Caesarea (different from Caesarea Phillipi. This one is on the coast of the Medeterranean Sea.) ANYWAY, Bro M offered extra credit to anyone who could beat him in a sword fight.  The plastic swords snapped in half leaving the fight tied 2 - 2. Eagle scout Cory Newton, whipped out a roll of duck tape from his Mary Poppins bag and saved the day! Thanks Cory.
This is me, grabbing life by the horns.  It's a metaphore.

Caesarea on the Med Sea
Skipping rocks on Galilee

First convert in the Holy Land since the time of the apostles.
Ba'hai gardens in Haifa.  Mega glam!

Roman aquaducts. 14 miles long.

Theater at Caesarea

More wedding pics.

Finishers of the first marathon in Jerusalem. (Kristen, Abby Read, Jenny, AJ, Abby Chadwick)