Sunday, February 13, 2011


There are two things in this world that put a smile on my face:  my mom’s laugh and Saturday’s Warriors.  Twenty of us just finished watching the film of the century.  It was probably 30 years since I last watched it!  It brought back so many of my favorite memories: 64 N 920 E Orem, UT; our old living room, our whole family lounging on the floor and “pink chair” in the family room, and little Nater sitting at the barstool watching through the reflection of the mirror while eating a bowl of cereal.  I still knew every word to every song!  The only thing that would have made the SW experience better would be to have Julia sitting next to me!

Taylor Henderson, my roommate, and I uncovered some more connections last night that have brought us together like brothers.  (A) He took my sister-in-law Rachel on a date about a year and a half ago, (B) we both took karate lessons from non other than Bobby Lawrence, (C) both of us dated the same girl freshman year in the dorms—Erin Brink! (I came into the picture about a month after him),  (D) our grandfather’s rode in a B-52 bomber together, (E) I’ve been heli-skiing with his dad, my dad asked his mom out on a date (she said no), and we share a mutal boyhood friend in Shandon Miles Gubler.  Auoooooooooo!  Sick.

I’ve always been one to follow the counsel about not hiding your talents behind a bushel.  I never knew I had any talents anyone wanted me to perform, and even more want to learn.  Nevertheless, as I mentioned above, “I’m turning over a new leaf”.  Taylor and a few girls saw from a distance what I respectfully call, “a body-roll”.  Since that moment things haven’t been the same here at the JC.  I’ve taught Taylor and a baker’s dozen others the technique.  It’s spreading like wildfire.  I guess you can say I’ve been blessed.

My heart rate spiked to 150 lastnight as I was brushing my teeth.  I heard the sound of three gunshots outside my window.  I dropped to the floor, crawled to the window and peeked out.  Nothing unusual.  I went out to the lobby to see if anyone else had heard the commotion.  They hadn’t.  I came back in my room, heard them again and dropped to the floor.  This time when I peeked out the window I discovered the “gunman”—fireworks.   I went back out to the lobby to reassure everyone of their safety, and was welcomed with laughs and pointing fingers. Ha ha my bad…

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