Sunday, February 20, 2011

I really wanted to show people the artistic side of me.  So much emotion...
You'll find several other artistic shots I took in this post.
Twins!  Rachel and Chelsea Jackson.  Funny story:  I got Chelsea's number a year and a half ago in the library and took her on a date.
An interesting angle of a beautiful floor in the St. Mary Magdelene church.  More of my artistic side.
Again so much emotion in this shot from a Jewish Cemetery. 

I learned to be a shepherd.

Sara Bezdjen and I outside the Church of St. Mary Magdelene


  1. Cameron... words cannot even begin to describe the beauty and depth i feel when i look at this pictures, neigh, works of art, neigh hither, master pieces. i am so lucky to have been graced by your genius mind and splendor, glorious soul and talent. wow... bravo.

  2. That green shirt? The one with a hood you are wearing? IT'S MINE. Indian giver.