Friday, January 21, 2011


Dear Diary,

Sunday at 6:30 AM we leave for Egypt.  I'm full of mixed emotions--scared yet excited, pumped yet reserved, estatic yet mellow, erupting from within yet a still lake in the high mountains, tranquil yet ruffled, reckless yet ordered.  Somehow, I feel that everything "will all be hunky dorey" coloquially speaking of course. 

My sweet sister Lauren had a blog when she went to Jerusalem a year ago.  She had a number of followers.  Mother would always read her posts to us at the dinner table on Monday evenings.  We would all laugh and say how much we love and miss her.  I feel a weight-like pressure from the competition to get the same attention at the dinner table.  I can only do my best.

Last Sunday, Taylor James Henderson III and I instituted the "The Cuddle Club".  We are the co-chairs and have meetings one to two times a week.  As co-chairs we have an eagerness to bring people together in an unforgettable way while on the other side of the world.  Our first session of cuddle club was a flat out success.  Being co-chair brings responsibilities not a few.  I played the role of shepherd and overseer, to use the vernacular of the region, and coralled the sheep.  Our next meeting is scheduled Sunday January 22, I can't wait.




  1. Hi Cameron, you sweet kid! Not to sound too much like a wrinkled old grandmother, but I can't believe how much you've grown! (Now I'm going to go bake some pies and put on my support hose.) I added your Mom as a friend on facebook and then found my way here. I hope it's okay that I follow your blog! You were always the spunkiest, most cheerful kid and I will always, always have a special place in my memory of you!

  2. Cameron....glad you are taking good care of Taylor James III. This is his mother and I appreciate you taking the time to keep this blog so I can be in touch with what Taylor is doing (cuddle club co-chair~~interesting!) Sounds like you are having a wonderful experience; let Taylor know I keep checking his blog to see if he has posted anything...still waiting!